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Terms & Conditions

Goltz Tennis Coaching will direct debit from your account on a fortnightly schedule. Once registered you will receive an SMS when the next direct debit day is running. You may also request the upcoming direct debit dates for the term via email.



You will have the choice to select
Credit Card or Bank Account with the following admin and transaction fees:


Admin - Transaction Fees and Charges:
Administration fee- One off account setup $2.20
Direct Debit Transaction fee:
Bank Account $1.10


Dishonour Fee:

Any direct debit which incurs a dishonour fee will receive a fee of $10, which will be added to the current Direct Debit amount when processed again.


Hot Shots Group Lessons - Confirming your spot in the class:
All Hot Shot students must have set up their direct debit account to attend lessons.
Once setup your child will be confirmed for their lesson and ready to attend the next class you have selected.


Holiday Clinics / Tournaments:

If you have booked a Holiday Clinic, you have committed to attend and if you do not show up on the day, you will still be debited the fee for the Holiday Clinic or Tournament. from your account, 24 hr notice of cancellation is required to avoid being charged.


You cannot use make-up classes from the previous term to catch up in our clinics.


Your account will be debited each fortnight with any Washouts/Heat Out classes not billed
to your account. Overseas trips may not be billed with reasonable notice given to Ben via sms/email before the class date, allowing others to attend your class, whilst you are away.


All missed lessons are still billed on your account each fortnight, as you have taken a potential spot another client could have booked confirming your attendance. Refer to “Missed Lessons” section for further information.


Billing will continue until the end of the term but in the case of the fortnight being later than the end of the term, the final billing run for the term may change.
Clients will be notified of any changes, in order to have sufficient funds in your account, available for the direct debit.


Missed lessons:

All missed lessons will still be billed in your fortnightly direct debit. However, Goltz Tennis Coaching offers make up lessons in other classes when available. All missed lessons are the responsibility of the client, and you can contact Goltz Tennis Coaching to arrange a Make-Up lesson, however they are only available while you are still currently enrolled in lessons with Goltz Tennis Coaching. Any missed lessons can be made up at any time throughout the year.


Not Continuing:
If you do not wish to continue your lessons you must inform Goltz Tennis Coaching (Ben on
0407846007) so we can cancel your account. Any lessons owing will be deducted on the next
billing run if your exit date was before the account was debited.


No refunds will be offered as all lessons are billed in arrears. If Goltz Tennis Coaching is at fault we will refund to your account.

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