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Owner and Head Coach Ben Goltz played State Grade Tennis, won multiple AMT's and above all built a reputation for being a hard working and deeply caring tennis coach.


Ben started as a Professional Coach in 2001 and since then has had countless top 10 Australian Juniors players and always has more on the way.

He also have a highly motivated and dedicated team of assistant coaches who have been brought up under the coaching guidance of Ben for most of their tennis lives.

No matter what your needs are, Ben and his team are here to help.

Read through Ben's Testimonials and hear what others say when asked about him...

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Established 2024

Head Coach and Founder of Goltz Tennis Coaching, Ben Goltz, has been a Professional Tennis Coach since 2001. In that time, he has been a part of thousands of kids' tennis journeys.

At Goltz Tennis Coaching, we strive for tennis success for all of our students, but feel that we also positively contribute to the overall development of the children that we coach.

Ben has coached many students that have received; school scholarships, school awards, become school captains, doctors, engineers, etc. Parents have commented that as a result of the development in their tennis abilities, the kids' have greater belief and confidence and that my mentorship as coach was a critical factor in their success.

Nothing makes us happier than to see students getting their dream job or university degree and then dropping in for a hit and to say "HI".


Being a tennis coach is never just about playing tennis; preparing kids for the future is our goal.

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Graham "Woofa" Charlton One of the great complexities in life for parents is finding a coach/coaches who has/have the appropriate skill, respect and actually care for your child/childrens learning, developing goals and trying to achieve their dreams. It's actually tough. Most can talk the leg off a chair but can't walk the walk. I have known Ben Goltz for going on 32 years. I was honoured to work with Ben as a junior and have had the great pleasure to work with him for decades as a professional coach, working through many tennis equations. His attitude to put his athletes needs first, leaving no stone unturned to assist their betterment,is second to none. When I couldn't find any coaches anywhere to assist with programs, (not that there were many suitable for the position) Ben would always come running, ignoring the distance and time restraints. These actions are extreamely rare and shows the exact dedication you want in a coach. It's so much fun talking about people like Ben. We wish him all the best in these exciting new exploits. Head Coach Traralgon Tennis Association


Hussein Dergham Ben has been an exceptional tennis coach for my son, Noah, since 2016. His dedication and commitment have transformed Noah from a learner player into a skilled, confident athlete with impressive tournament wins and a high UTR for his age. Ben's ability to create a nuturing training environment tailored to each student's needs, along with his patience and encouragement, has been critical in Noah's development as a tennis player. Beyond the court, Ben has instilled important values like discipline and sportsmanship. I'm grateful for Ben's outstanding coaching and mentorship and look forward to continued collaboration. My younger son, Jude, who started eight months ago, is also benefiting from Ben's guidance and showing great potential, following in his brother's footsteps. Thank you Ben, for your invaluable contributions to my son's tennis journeys.

Peter Philp Ben is one of the rare coaches who can develop proper technique in a tennis player. He is easily able to assess a player’s game and teach them what they need to know at their age and stage of physical development. Ben’s passion for the game is always evident – it is obvious that he thinks a lot about the game, and how to best develop each of his players, even when he is away from the court. Ben is patient with his students and, although high-performance players rely on him for his expertise, he is not only interested in coaching ‘stars’. Ben brings with him a ‘country’ approach that is reflected in the way he builds tennis players for all levels, to play for life. Ben will look after all his students, regardless of their natural ability or their goals in tennis.

Olivia Bouzinelos My son Rafael has been coached by Ben since he was 5 years old. Rafael is now 14 and has gained so much confidence in every aspect of his life, not just his tennis. Ben is an amazing coach and really understands how to teach children and give them the tools they need to reach their personal goals. I cannot speak highly enough of Ben and all the hours of hard work that he puts into his students.


Established 2024

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Ben Goltz has been a Tennis Australia Professional Coach since 2001. State Grade player and winner of multiple Australian Money Tournaments.

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